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Wrongful Termination Inland Empire


A wrongful termination case can develop from a variety of facts including terminating a California employee for having a disability, medical condition, or because of age, sex, or race to name a few. Proving a wrongful termination case is difficult and that it is why it is important that if you live or work in the Inland Empire that you hire an experienced wrongful termination that has handled wrongful termination cases in San Bernardino and Riverside County courts. Many wrongful termination lawyers that advertise in the Inland Empire aren't actually located in the Inland Empire so you will probably never meet your lawyer unless your case actually gets tried to a jury.

Our main office is located in Ontario California. We have handled virtually every type of wrongful termination matter including sexual harassment, disability discrimination, whistleblowing cases, class actions, and much more. We always offer a FREE phone consultation so call today and protect your California employment rights.