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San Bernardino Judge Awards Large Damaegs in Sexual Harassment Case


A San Bernardino judge awarded a former dental assistant $1,742,691.00 in damages for her claims of sexual harassment against her former San Bernardino employer. The damages included economic, non-economic, punitive damages and an award for statutory attorneys fees and costs of more than $600,000.00.

Many California employers don't understand that if they are hit by a large verdict where the plaintiff has pled and alleged claims under the Fair Employment Housing Act or FEHA that any verdict or judgment in favor of the plaintiff will also be followed by a award of statutory attorneys fees in favor of the plaintiffs lawyers. Typical claims under FEHA would be sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, discrimination on the basis of age, sex, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation.

Sometimes ligating a case on principle for the defendant employer can back fire in result in a large award or even a small award to the plaintiff but a large attorneys fees award to the plaintiffs lawyers. Another common scenario that we encounter is where the defendant is represented by an attorney that does not understand employment law and does not understand that their client is subject to attorneys fees in the event of a loss.

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