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Sexual Harassment Attorney


Many San Bernardino County employees don't feel comfortable reporting sexual harassment to their employers for fear that they will be retaliated against or possibly terminated. However, failure to report your San Bernardino County sexual harassment matter may cause credibility problems down the road if you fail to report the sexual harassment. Most if not all San Bernardino County employers have specific sexual harassment policies in their employee handbooks that require their California employees to report any type of sexual harassment including sexual harassment immediately.

Most certainly if you fail to report sexual harassment to your employer your San Bernardino employer will certainly use this fact against you in any future potential sexual harassment litigation. California employees should feel comfortable in reporting sexual harassment to their California employers. If a California employer fails to protect an employee after reporting sexual harassment or if a California employer retaliates or terminates a California employee for reporting sexual harassment their will be further violations against the San Bernardino employer.

If you have specific questions about a sexual harassment matter please contact our sexual harassment attorney today for a FREE consultation.