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What Should You Do If you are Sexually Harassed at Work


If you are being sexually harassed at work your first step should be to report the sexual harassment immediately. Many California employees fail to do this because most are scared that if they report sexual harassment in the workplace they will be retaliated and possibly they will be terminated for reporting the sexual harassment. However, if you fail to report the sexual harassment your California employer may use it against you at a later date. For example, most California employers have policies that require a California employee to report any illegal harassment to their employer immediately.

It is my experience that most California employees fail to report the sexual harassment for fear of losing their jobs and it is also my experience that California employer sometimes will retaliate against a California employee if they do report any illegal harassment. Many employees after they complain are considered trouble makers and potential liabilities for the employer so the employer will look for ways to try to get rid of the employee after they have made a sexual harassment complaint.

It is always advisable to abide by the employers policies and report the sexual harassment. However, if you feel that you have been singled out after reporting the sexual harassment please call our California wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawyer today for a FREE consultation.