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Should I Sign My Severance Agreement?


Should I sign my severance or separation agreement that my California employer provided me? There really is no easy answer to this question. Your former employer has presented you with a severance agreement to make you choose between taking your case to court or to a arbitrator or taking the money that they are offering and closing the door as to any future legal claims. The very first thing that a individual should do when they are presented with a severance or separation agreement is to contact an experienced labor and employment lawyer. You should hire the lawyer to review your severance agreement and at the same time discuss any potential legal claims that you may have against your former employer. In some cases if you have a compelling claim against your former employer your lawyer may be able to leverage this potential liability and increase your severance offering or add additional benefits like medical care coverage and other items that may be unique to your prior employer. If you have any questions about your severance or separation agreement feel free to contact our labor & employment lawyer today.