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Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment


There are two types of sexual harassment recognized in the state of California. The first type is often referred to as Quid Pro Quo. Quid Pro Quo is defined as sexual harassment where a manager, supervisor, or owner demands sexual favors in exchange for on-going employment. The best example of this is where the manager or supervisor informs the employee that they will be terminated, demoted, suspended, or written up unless the employee has sex or engages in some type of sexual favor. The opposite can also be true where the employee is offered a promotion, increase in pay, or an upgraded position if they perform sexual favors.

How common is Quid Pro Quo in the California workplace? Actually, very common as many employees including men are subject to this type of sexual harassment in the California workplace. If you or someone that you know has been sexually harassed in the workplace it is important that you immediately tell your employer about the alleged sexual harassment. We understand that many California employees are scared to report sexual harassment because they feel that they will be terminated, harassed, and subjected to ridicule by their employer. However, if you fail to report the sexual harassment you may be violating a internal policy of the employer.

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