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What Kind of Lawyer to Hire for Wrongful Termination?


"What type of lawyer do i hire if i believe that i was wrongfully terminated by my California employer?"

If you have been terminated by your California employer you may be wondering whether the termination was lawful or not. If this has happened to you or a loved one you might also be wondering what type of California lawyer do i consult with and hire for a wrongful termination case in California? You can start by doing a basic search on Google in your area. Start with the keywords " wrongful termination lawyer" and you will receive search result in your local area. The next step is to call these attorneys and ask for a consultation over the phone. Most wrongful termination lawyers & attorneys in California provide a FREE consultation. During the phone call you will want to make sure that the wrongful termination lawyers you are talking with make wrongful termination and labor and employment a majority of their practice. Unfortunately, many California lawyers dabble in California labor and employment cases and don't have a firm understanding of the law. You will also want to ensure that your wrongful termination lawyer has had experienced in trying employment cases either in front of a jury or a arbitrator as well. Overall, you will want to make sure that you and the attorney are a good fit. Many wrongful termination cases can last several years through litigation so it is important that you really work well with your attorney. Remember that it is important that you talk to at least a couple of experienced labor & employment lawyers before making your ultimate decision to hire.