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California Physician Terminated for Advocating Patient Safety


California statute section 2056(c) protects California physicians and surgeons from being terminated, discriminated, or retaliated against for advocating patient safety and appropriate health care. If you are a California physician or surgeon and you feel that you have been wrongfully terminated, harassed, discriminated against, or retaliated against on the basis of your advocating for your patients rights you may have a legal claim against the hospital, medical group, or medical contract provider. We have included the entire section of California statute section 2056(c) for reference.

California Business and Professions Code section 2056(c)

 (c) The application and rendering by any person of a decision to
terminate an employment or other contractual relationship with, or
otherwise penalize, a physician and surgeon principally for
advocating for medically appropriate health care consistent with that
degree of learning and skill ordinarily possessed by reputable
physicians practicing according to the applicable legal standard of
care violates the public policy of this state. No person shall
terminate, retaliate against, or otherwise penalize a physician and
surgeon for that advocacy, nor shall any person prohibit, restrict,
or in any way discourage a physician and surgeon from communicating
to a patient information in furtherance of medically appropriate
health care.