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California Employment Class Action Lawyer

Are you working or have you worked for a California employer in which you didn't receive your ten (10) minute rest break or your (30) minute meal break. Unfortunately, many California employers fail to comply with California's employment laws. In addition, many employers are now requiring their employees to work off the clock to avoid overtime compensation. Of course, not paying employees for overtime or making an employee work through breaks and lunches benefit the employer and not the California employee.

If you are a California employee that has been exposed to any of the following illegal employment practices in California please call our California Employment Lawyer today for a employment consultation.

- Missed Rest Breaks- (10) Minute Breaks
- Missed Meal Breaks- (30) Minute Meal Breaks; or having to either work through the meal break or it is interrupted.
- Unpaid Overtime
- Failure to pay for employer required uniforms
-Reporting Time pay
- Not receiving Final paycheck on the date of discharge.

Call today for a FREE California Class Action employment consultation.