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Sexual Harassment Lawyer- San Bernardino & Riverside

Have you been sexually harassed in your place of employment? Have you been disciplined or fired because you reported sexual harassment conduct at work or has your employer failed to investigate your sexual harassment claims? If you have been sexually harassed in California by a co-worker, supervisor, or boss you may be entitled to compensation for the economic and or psychological damages that you have suffered.

The Law Office of Ryan P. McClure is a San Bernardino and Riverside employee rights law firm that is dedicated to helping current or former employees recover compensation for the violations of California laws by their employers.

We are a contingency based employment law firm. This means that our sexual harassment lawyer does not receive a fee in your case unless you are successful. In most cases we advance all fess in prosecuting your employment law case against your current or former employer.

Sexual harassment is common and sometimes tolerated by employers. This is wrong and it must be stopped. If you or a family member has been sexually harassed call our Sexual harassment lawyer today for a FREE evaluation of your employment case.