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Silverlake MTA Accident

Silverlake MTA Crash Injuries 19 Passengers

On November 7, 2009 a Metropolitan Transportation Authority or MTA bus crashed into a a vehicle in Silver Lake California. Apparently as many as 19 people were injured according to news reports and one critically injured. Los Angeles police are still investigating why this bus accident happened. We send our condolences to the injured and their families and we wish a speedy recovery.

Bus accidents happen every day in California. Bus accidents can cause very serious personal injuries including death. Bus riders do not have any restraints, so upon collision with another vehicle riders will be propelled through the bus at high velocity, which can result in serious injuries.

Another significant aspect of major bus accidents is most accidents involve a government entity- The city Bus organization or in this case the MTA. Certain procedures are required when filing a claim against a city agency and many times the government claim must be filed within six months.

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