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Diamond Bar Car and Truck Accidents

Our Car and Truck Accident Injury office is receiving an overwhelming number of calls from individuals that have been involved in car and truck accidents in Diamond Bar California. Why are we receiving so many injury calls?

Its hard to say for sure, but Diamond Bar is located between several major Interstates like the 57 freeway, Interstate 60, and to some degree the 71 Freeway that runs through Pomona and Chino Hills. Many people try to circumvent these freeways traveling to and from work, which takes them on the side streets through Diamond bar like Grand Avenue.

Many of the calls that we receive are from injuries sustained due to car accidents that are occurring just off the freeways and interstates. Interstate 60 from the Inland Empire to downtown Los Angeles is chronically congested so this may be driving auto drivers to the side streets where the congestion is causing car accidents.

If you or a family member have been involved in a car accident in Diamond Bar California you will need a Diamond bar Car Accident lawyer to enforce your rights against the negligent car or truck driver. Call today for a FREE car accident injury consultation.